S3E12: The bleeding edge of regenerative agriculture—w/ Jesse Smith of White Buffalo Land Trust

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What is the gap between what farmers know now and what they need to know to farm more regeneratively? How do we close that gap?

What is the best way to advocate for the adoption of regenerative agriculture practices?

Jesse Smith is the Director of Land Stewardship at White Buffalo Land Trust, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to practicing, promoting and perfecting the principles and practices of regenerative ag.

On this episode of Reversing Climate Change, Jesse joins Ross to explain how WBLT furthers regenerative ag through the development of products, training programs, and scientific research.

Jesse shares WBLT’s focus on teaching the integration of annual and perennial cropping with animal systems and offers advice on attracting young engineers, scientists, and creative artists to the regenerative ag space.

He goes on to discuss the benefit of ecosystem service payments, describing what he views as the unfair advantage producers have in regions with a higher potential for carbon sequestration and what markets like Nori can do about it.

Listen in for Jesse’s insight on using distributed ledger technology and blockchain to support regenerative ag and learn how you can support White Buffalo Land Trust and its consumer-facing brand, Figure Ate Foods.

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