S2E72: NFTs, carbon removal, & the music biz—w/ Imogen Heap, Grammy-winning artist

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Data in the music industry is incredibly fragmented. There is no one consistent place to go for information about a work. It’s hard to know where songs are being played or who was involved in creating a piece of music. And this means that a lot of artists don’t get royalties for their work.

What if blockchain technology is the answer?

Imogen Heap is the Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter and record producer behind The Creative Passport, an identity management platform for music makers that runs on the blockchain. On this episode of Reversing Climate Change, Imogen joins Ross, Paul, and Evangeline to explain how the music industry’s challenges around crediting and payment inspired her interest in the blockchain space.

She weighs in on why she launched a collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to raise funds for The Creative Passport and how she devoted a portion of the proceeds to Nori to offset the carbon emissions associated with minting those NFTs. Listen in for Imogen’s vision of a more diverse commercial music industry where artists are empowered to host their own data and share it with others on the blockchain.

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