S2E71: Elon Musk's Carbon Removal XPRIZE—w/ Dr. Marcius Extavour, VP Energy & Climate at XPRIZE

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Big-ticket investments in carbon removal innovation are newsworthy, but perhaps nothing captures the public imagination quite like a cash prize. And the $100M purse associated with XPRIZE Carbon Removal happens to be the largest in history. So, how does an award of this magnitude translate to meaningful climate solutions?

Dr. Marcius Extavour is the Vice President of Energy and Climate at XPRIZE, a nonprofit using large-scale global competitions to crowdsource solutions to the world’s greatest challenges. On this episode of Reversing Climate Change, Dr. Extavour joins Ross to discuss XPRIZE Carbon Removal, explaining how Elon Musk got involved in funding the $100M prize purse and what it takes to win the $50M grand prize.

He describes how winning an XPRIZE gives a project momentum, offering insight on how the prize model complements traditional investments and sharing historic examples of awards that led to technological breakthroughs. Listen in for Dr. Extavour’s call to maintain a collaborative spirit in the carbon removal space as it evolves and find out how you can get involved in XPRIZE Carbon Removal.

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