S2E66: Build your own DIY direct air capture machine: Cyan!—w/ Dahl Winters of OpenAir Collective

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Carbon removal tends not to be the most accessible pursuit for the layperson. One can plant a tree or practice regenerative farming in one's garden plot, but there typically isn't a lot else one can do. At least before Cyan! Cyan is an open-source do-it-yourself modular direct air capture machine for hobbyists you can build in an hour or two and start learning about and practicing carbon removal in your free time. And in this episode, Ross and his guest Dahl Winters build one in real time! (There is also an identical YouTube video of this podcast that shows the process!)

Dahl Winters is the CTO of DeepScience LTD and a member of the OpenAir Collective working on Cyan and other open-source DAC designs. Much scientific development focuses on patents and proprietary technology as a means of getting to a commercial market, but open-source development has an advantage of being anticompetitive, dynamic, and inclusive in ways that can be unexpectedly powerful.

Tune in today to learn the how and why of building Cyan, OpenAir Collective's work on policy as well as technological development, and why open-source movements can accomplish so much if done well.

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