S2E65: How to start learning about carbon removal—w/ John Sanchez of Carbon Removal Academy

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So, you’re interested in carbon removal and curious about working in the climate space. But you’re not sure how your skills might apply, and you don’t know where to begin learning about the different types of carbon sequestration or the major players in the industry.

John Sanchez is the Founder and Curriculum Designer at Carbon Removal Academy and the Co-Creator of the AirMiners Boot Up Program and Problem Pack Climate Sprint Workgroups. He is also building Carbon Visions, a community of college students working on carbon removal solutions. On this episode of Reversing Climate Change, John joins Ross to explain how these experiences facilitate the exploration process for transitioning into the climate space.

John shares his take on what makes a climate community valuable and discusses the debate around ecological versus industrial sequestration. Listen in to understand how John’s love of literature informs his work in carbon removal and learn how his experiences can help YOU uncover your climate affinity and then apply your skills to reversing climate change.

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