S2E56: Celebrating your very own Climate Passover Seder—w/ Sarah Tuneberg of Geospiza

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The Passover story is one of intense grief and loss as well as redemption and freedom. And while the Jews fled Egypt 3,000 years ago, many aspects of the story seem particularly relevant in a world plagued by extreme climate events and COVID-19. So, how might the events of Passover inform the way we think about climate change? Can we customize our Passover observances in a way that considers our responsibility to solve the climate crisis?

Sarah Tuneberg is the CEO of Geospiza, a software company that helps cities and corporations take action around climate risk, and she spent 2020 leading the State of Colorado’s Coronavirus Innovation Response Team. On this episode of the Reversing Climate Change podcast, Sarah returns to explain the Jewish tradition of the Passover Seder and explore how it might be customized around the theme of climate change.

Sarah walks us through the Seder meal, describing the inclusive nature of the service and the Jewish tradition of questioning that allows for reinterpretation of the Passover story. Listen in to understand how the idea of tikkun olam requires an active pursuit of social justice and learn how to incorporate climate elements in your Seder celebration this year.

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