S2E52: Using captured carbon to make art—w/ Annalee Levin of Captured Carbon Studio

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When artist Annalee Levin learned about carbon capture on the Reversing Climate Change podcast, the idea captured her imagination. Knowing that the technology exists to capture and store CO2 in concrete, for example, Annalee set out to find a way to make art out of materials containing captured carbon.

Today, Annalee is the textile, hand embroidery, and sculpture artist behind Captured Carbon Studio, a space for exploring captured carbon as an art medium and avenue for educating the public about reversing climate change. She is also a chef-in-training, an experienced beekeeper and the first ever Artist-in-Residence at Carbon Upcycling Technologies. On this episode of the podcast, Annalee joins Ross to discuss her hands-on approach to making art and explain why she is drawn to physical, material crafts as opposed to other art forms.

Annalee describes how she came to make crayons out of recycled CO2 and shares what she is trying to communicate by using captured carbon in her art. Listen in to understand how organic and industrial materials coexist within Annalee’s carbon removal aesthetic and learn how you can support her work or create your own art using tools that reverse climate change.

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