S2E38: Carbon-negative carpet?! How Interface trailblazes—w/ Erin Meezan, VP & Chief Sustainability Officer of Interface, Inc.

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The scale of the climate crisis requires that companies change the way they operate. Yes, it would be easier to simply purchase carbon offsets and continue to do business as usual. But if we are going to succeed in reversing climate change, companies must take the next step and transform their processes from cradle to gate (or even grave if they can!) So, how does a business get started on the path to sustainability?

Erin Meezan is the Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer at Interface, Inc., a pioneering modular flooring company with a deep commitment to sustainability. Interface is also the recipient of a 2020 UN Global Climate Action Award and the subject of the new documentary Beyond Zero. On this episode of Reversing Climate Change, Erin joins Ross to explain what inspired Interface’s commitment to the environment and how the team approached the sustainability conversation with its investors early on.

Erin discusses the company’s recent launch of carbon-negative carpet tiles, walking us through the value associated with doing business more sustainably and the necessity of conducting a full life cycle assessment of a given product.  Listen in to understand how Interface is influencing other businesses to make fundamental change and learn how YOUR company might take its first steps to sustainability!

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