S2E32: Chasing a Job with Purpose (in carbon removal)—w/ Heidi Lim, Chief of Staff at Opus 12

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How are you spending your time? Is it aligned with what you genuinely care about? In 2018, Heidi Lim quit her role in enterprise software to solve climate change full-time. What steps did she take to identify a new, purpose-driven path and then land a role in carbon removal?

Heidi is the Chief of Staff at Opus 12, a company working to recycle CO2 into cost-competitive chemicals and fuels, and the author of two popular Medium articles, ‘We Need to Talk About Carbon Removal’ and ‘Chasing a Job with Purpose’. On this episode of Reversing Climate Change, Heidi joins Ross to walk us through her process for finding meaningful work, explaining what inspired her to pursue a role in the carbon removal space.

Heidi shares her strategies for figuring out what kind of purposeful work you want to pursue, challenging us to reach out to people on paths we’re interested in and embed ourselves in communities with likeminded individuals. Listen in for Heidi’s insight on turning content creation into career opportunities and learn how to plant the seeds that will lead to your dream role.


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