S2E18: The conservative answer to the Green New Deal—w/ Quillan Robinson, American Conservation Coalition

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Young people on BOTH sides of the aisle want to see action on climate change. And Quillan Robinson believes that the will for action is a more powerful force than the disagreements we may have over policy. So, how does a conservative approach like the American Climate Contract differ from the progressive Green New Deal? And how do the principles of conservatism inform right-of-center climate solutions?

Quill is the Vice President of Government Affairs with the American Conservation Coalition, a nonprofit dedicated to empowering young conservatives to reengage in environmental conversations. Today, Quill joins Ross to explain how his involvement in the I-732 campaign in Washington shaped his thinking and shifted his politics. He introduces us to the conservative thinkers who inspire him, walking us through the best principles of the conservative intellectual tradition and how they apply to climate policy.

Quill goes on to discuss why oikophilia (love of place) is not exclusive to rural contexts and offer his take on Hamiltonian versus Jeffersonian economic models. Listen in for Quill’s insight on the three main approaches to climate policy at work in DC and learn what differentiates ACC’s American Climate Contract from the other federal climate policy solutions.

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