ReFi, forestry, and distributed MRV—w/ Jeremy Epstein of Open Forest Protocol

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Reforestation (and afforestation) projects can take carbon out of the atmosphere. And yet, in our current system, sometimes only the largest, most well-connected projects can afford the verification process.

But what if there was a way to maintain the integrity of the MRV (Measurement, Reporting, and Verification) process, while making it accessible to anyone who wants to plant trees?

Jeremy Epstein is Head of Growth at Open Forest Protocol, a Web3 platform working to transparently measure, verify, and fund forestation projects.

On this CDR Happy Hour bonus episode of Reversing Climate Change, Jeremy joins Ross and Siobhan to share his definition of regenerative finance and discuss the benefits of putting carbon markets on the blockchain.

Jeremy explains what differentiates OFP from other ReFi projects and explores whether or not derivatives can be good for carbon removal.

Listen in for insight on balancing accuracy with accessibility in carbon markets and learn how to help OFP build the future of distributed MRV.

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