Permitting Reform, Property Rights, NIMBYism, & Carbon Removal—w/ Chris Barnard of the American Conservation Coalition

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Progressives generally support regulations that protect the environment.

But the permitting process has become so complex that it can take five years and 500 pages of documentation to get a project off the ground.

And that red tape is holding up the clean energy projects we need to reverse climate change.

Chris Barnard is Policy Director at the American Conservation Coalition and a regular guest on our sister podcast, Carbon Removal Newsroom.

On this episode of Reversing Climate Change, Chris joins Ross, Siobhan, and Asa to explain how regulations can prevent us from building climate infrastructure and explore the potential for bipartisan collaboration on permitting reform.

Chris discusses how permitting interacts with issues of eminent domain and describes what community engagement looks like in the permitting process.

Listen in for Chris’s insight on the regulatory barriers to realizing carbon removal at scale and learn how we might streamline the permitting process without weakening environmental standards.

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