How to Pursue a Career in Carbon Removal—w/ Asa Kamer & Siobhan Montoya Lavender of Nori's Meme Lab

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Do you wish your career was a little more gratifying? That it gave you the chance to work on something you really care about?

You don't need a science or engineering background to pursue a career in climate solutions. In fact, a variety of skill sets translate to climate work.

So, how do you get into the carbon removal space? Where can you go for resources and networking opportunities?

On this edition of the Reversing Climate Change CDR Happy Hour, Nori Meme Lab colleagues Asa Kamer and Siobhan Montoya Lavendar discuss their journey to a career in carbon removal, describing the college and early work experiences that inspired their work in the climate space.

Siobhan and Asa share the top resources for people interested in carbon removal and encourage us to check out the AirMiners community and OpenAir Collective for networking and volunteer opportunities.

Listen in for insight on who to follow for job openings in climate solutions and learn how to go about pursuing a career in the rapidly changing field of carbon removal.

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