How to Get Carbon Removal Startups the Support They Need!—w/ Neesha Mirchandani of Impact Stars

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Startups in the CDR space need to succeed quickly if we want to reverse climate change before time runs out.

But the current system requires that climatetech founders often devote time to pitching VCs and filling out multiple grant applications. Time that would be better spent developing their solutions.

So, what can we do to connect emerging carbon removal companies with the funding they need to move forward?

Neesha Mirchandani is Founder and CEO of Impact Stars, a consultancy that helps planet-positive entrepreneurs raise money and attract clients.

On this episode of Reversing Climate Change Happy Hour, Neesha joins Ross, Siobhan and Asa to discuss the magnetic pitch method she uses to support CDR startups in attracting venture capital.

Neesha explains what VCs look for in a climate startup and shares her frustration with philanthropy’s failure to fill in the funding gaps.

Listen in to understand how we might streamline the grant application process for CDR entrepreneurs and get Neesha’s advice on how to apply business sense to your climate ventures!

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