Grist's intersectional climate fiction contest—w/ Tory Stephens of Fix, the Grist solutions lab

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Making art about climate is useful in that it reaches a part of the brain that science does not. And climate fiction as a genre gives us a way to get the climate conversation started. Better yet, cli-fi that focuses on solutions might actually help us find a way forward.

Tory Stephens is the New England Network Weaver at Fix, the Grist Solutions Lab. On this episode of Reversing Climate Change, Tory joins Ross and cohost Jess Miles to discuss the launch of his team’s new climate fiction contest, Imagine 2200: Climate Fiction for Future Ancestors and explain what differentiates his team’s writing contest from others of its kind.

Tory offers insight around climate fiction and the subgenres of solarpunk and hopepunk, challenging writers to create intersectional, solutions-focused work. Listen in for an overview of Imagine 2200’s submission guidelines and learn how fiction might offer a pathway out of the climate crisis.

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