Does CO2 want to be free or stored snugly? Which is funnier?—w/ the Nori Carbon Removal Meme Lab

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How do you create original content in the carbon removal space?

In its podcast content, the Nori creative team looks for unique voices, encouraging guests on Reversing Climate Change and Carbon Removal Newsroom to explore nuance.

As for their carbon removal memes, the writers are currently mining the movies they watch with their kids and popular online satirical humor (think The Onion and Reductress) for ideas.

On this bonus episode of Reversing Climate Change, Ross sits down with his colleagues in the Nori Meme Lab, Siobhan Montoya Lavender and Asa Kamer, to discuss why ascribing agency to CO2 is funny and describe how they look for meme potential in cinema—not to be confused with Krysten Sinema, though they have insight on her too.

Ross, Siobhan, and Asa offer stories of celebrity sightings and consider who qualifies as a ‘climate celeb,’ sharing examples of the academics and podcast guests they’re guilty of gushing over.

Listen in to understand how we showcase productive disagreement in both Nori podcasts and get in on the Meme Lab team’s latest ideas for carbon removal meme threads, including ClickHole-style headlines and recaptioning existing satirical content.

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