Climate fintech, neobanks, & banking for good—w/ Ravi Mikkelsen, cofounder of ATMOS

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Did you know that Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Citi are among the biggest funders of fossil fuel projects in the world? Would you rather leverage your money to fight climate change? What if you could move your money to an entity that builds its lending portfolio around things like clean energy, regenerative agriculture, and direct air capture?

Ravi Mikkelsen is the Cofounder of ATMOS Financial, a digital banking solution dedicated to funding a rapid transition to the clean economy. On this episode of Reversing Climate Change, Ravi joins Ross to discuss the growing cohort of impact companies at the intersection of climate and FinTech and explain how neobanks like ATMOS fit into the ecosystem.

Ravi shares the market research around why consumers choose a bank, challenging us to consider what kinds of projects our financial institution funds and how big banks might transition their lending portfolios away from fossil fuels. Listen in for insight around the benefits of banking with ATMOS and find out why you don’t have to sacrifice user experience or pay more to do the right thing. George Bailey for the win!

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