Carbon Capture & Carbon Removal: Friends or Foes?—w/ Gagan Porrwal of GE Gas Power's Carbon Solutions

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Carbon capture and storage, or CCS, involves sequestering carbon dioxide emissions from a point source, whereas carbon removal takes existing emissions out of ambient air.

And there are a lot of people in the climate community who are for carbon removal and against CCS, arguing that we should shut down these point sources and focus on renewable energy.

But is choosing sides the right thing to do?

Gagan Porrwal is Global Head of Partnerships for GE Gas Power's Carbon Solutions, where he is building an ecosystem of partners that enable, accelerate, and drive the adoption of CCS applications in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and the Asian Pacific.

On this episode of Reversing Climate Change’s Happy Hour show, Gagan joins Ross and Siobhan to explain why we need CCS to meet our 2030 climate targets and how he thinks about capturing carbon in the flue versus ambient air.

Gagan discusses how much power is currently generated by coal or natural gas and describes the reality of how long it will take to transition to wind and solar.

Listen in to understand the four key problems facing CCS—social acceptance, economics, infrastructure, and permitting—and find out why we can’t transition to renewables tomorrow, but we can take the next rational step toward clean energy in any given geography.

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