Tracking the CDR Policy Explosion w/ Sebastian Manhart

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On this episode we’re joined by Sebastian Manhart, a tech entrepreneur and policy expert who is serving as the Senior Policy Advisor at Carbonfuture, a purveyor of high-quality CDR credits based in Germany. 

He is analyzing the growth of CDR policy worldwide and has recently published “CDR Policy Maturity” across all 50 U.S. states. This comprehensive report maps each state’s progress based on factors like specific CDR targets, funding incentives, and legal frameworks.

We’ll hear about what states are leading the way, the role of federal policy in pushing things forward, and the challenges of public acceptability.

Sebastian also fills us in on a new CDR trade organization in Germany, which will work to focus the world’s fourth biggest economy on drawing down co2 and his gives insights on some recent industry gatherings he’s attended. 

Join Radhika and Sebastian as they talk about the explosive growth of CDR policy throughout the U.S. and Europe. 

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Sebastian Manhart



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