State-Level CDR Policy Advocacy with Toby Bryce

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About one year ago we were joined on this show by Toby Bryce, who works with the volunteer-advocacy group the OpenAir Collective on a variety of projects that support the growth of carbon removal. Toby told us about the groups work advocating for state-level legislation called the Carbon Dioxide Removal Leadership Act in New York State. 

Since then, the legislation has been proposed in several more states, and the group’s network of policy advocates has grown along with it. 

Today we’ll talk to Toby about what’s going on with CDRLA, and what kind of political dynamics he’s found as OpenAir wades into state-level policymaking. 

Radhika and Toby will also delve into some of the bigger questions about the public acceptability challenges of growing carbon removal. What should advocates and CDR companies be doing to communicate with the public, and what are the stakes?

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Toby Bryce

Radhika Moolgavkar


OpenAir Collective

Carbon Dioxide Removal Leadership Act

MA Legislation

CO Cleantech Legislation

Co Biochar to Oil Wells Legislation

CA Legislation

Xprize Report

DFP Wyoming polling

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