Policy Progress in 2022

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In our final policy episode of the year we’re going to look back at some of the biggest news in CDR policymaking in 2022.

Some of the topics we took a look back on-


At COP27 this year, each member country of Mission Innovation’s Carbon Removal Launchpad committed to build at least one pilot facility and contribute towards a collective fund of $100 million by 2025.


The U.S. passed its largest-ever climate bill this year after nearly two years of political convulsions and backroom drama. It included a significant boost to CDR with enhancements to the existing 45Q tax credit for carbon removal, storage, and utilization.

Carbon Business Council

In July, a group of 40 carbon removal businesses announced the launch of the Carbon Business Council, a trade group that aims to help grow the CDR industry.

European CDR Framework

In November, the European Commission released its framework for certifying carbon removals.

To break it all down for us, Radhika and Chris are joined by one of the foremost authorities on the laws and policies which govern carbon removal- Wil Burns.

On This Episode

Chris Barnard

Wil Burns

Radhika Moolgavkar


David Wallace-Wells on COP27

Article 6

Mission Innovation Announcement at COP27


Carbon180 on CDR in IPCC

The Atlantic on significance of the IRA

CATF on 45Q changes

GOP reaction to IRA

EU CDR Framework proposal

Carbon Business Council

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