CRN on "Reversing Climate Change"

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Special behind-the-scenes episode! 

This week we're rebroadcasting a show from the other Nori podcast, "Reversing Climate Change" hosted by Ross Kenyon.   

From the RCC Feed-  "Carbon Removal Newsroom, the sister podcast to Reversing Climate Change, was born out of a desire to explore current events in the carbon removal space from a policy perspective.  

But since the show debuted in early 2019, its production team has evolved and so has our approach to discussing the latest in climate news.  Radhika Moolgavkar is Head of Supply and Methodology at Nori and Host of Carbon Removal Newsroom, and Asa Kamer serves as Producer of CRN.  

On this episode of Reversing Climate Change, Radhika and Asa join Ross to explain how CRN evolved to focus on the business, policy, and science of carbon removal news and share their favorite episodes from the recent past.  

Radhika and Asa explore how podcasting facilitates thoughtful public conversations around meaningful issues and describe how a show benefits when its host approaches the subject matter with a beginner’s mind.  Listen in to understand how CRN stays up on big news in the industry and get Radhika and Asa’s take on the future of carbon removal."

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