BLM, Climeworks fundraising, Savory Institute & Timberland's regenerative leather, & 45Q updates

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This week's panelists are all Norinauts! We had on Nori's Director of Corporate Development Alexsandra Guerra, Director of Carbon Economics Aldyen Donnelly, and "moonlighting marketer" Mellina White.

We discussed four topics:

  1. Climate justice: Mellina and Ross recorded a bonus episode of Reversing Climate Change earlier this week as a brief introduction to Black Lives Matter, climate justice, and carbon removal. Mellina is back to follow up and also share about the reform efforts of Campaign Zero.
  2. Climeworks closed a 73M CHF financing round.
  3. Savory Institute and Timberland have a new partnership around regenerative leather for a new line of boots.
  4. New rules for the 45Q tax credit.

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