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#86 For what shall it profit a congressman to act on climate but lose his seat?—Bob Inglis of republicEn

August 6, 2019


The Biblical Doctrine of Dominion engages Christians as stewards of the planet. Which faith communities embrace this message as a call to climate action? And how can we inspire more conservatives with Christian values to realize that we’re disrupting the balance the Creator intended and advocate for climate solutions?

Bob Inglis is a former Republican congressman representing South Carolina and the current Executive Director of republicEN, an EcoRight organization that supports a free market approach to climate change. Today, Bob joins Ross and Christophe to share the three-step metamorphosis that inspired his belief in climate change. He defines conservatism, discussing the link between Christianity and climate action and explaining why current conservative politics don’t reflect Christian values.

Bob weighs in on what the climate movement gets wrong when it comes to messaging and offers insight around how conservatives and progressives can come together, using climate change as a way out of the current polarization in politics. Listen in for Bob’s take on the pros and cons of voluntary offsets, cap and trade, and a carbon tax and learn why he believes America will lead the world to climate solutions!

Key Takeaways

[1:09] Bob’s path to Reversing Climate Change 

  • Climate denier for 6 years as congressman
  • Son urged to clean up act on environment

[2:59] Bob’s 3-step metamorphosis on climate change

  1. Wife and kids advocate for change
  2. Science education in Antarctica (evidence in ice core)
  3. Spiritual awakening at Great Barrier Reef

[9:12] How Bob defines conviction

  • Courage to admit when wrong
  • Grow + adapt with new information

[11:34] How Bob defines conservatism

  • Free enterprise solutions constrained by moral system
  • Look to answers rooted in faith and family
  • Accountability (pay for what you take)

[19:51] What the climate movement’s messaging gets wrong 

  • Communicates dislike and superiority
  • Approach with respect, message of hope
  • Solution aversion leads to rejection of science

[28:57] The link between climate action and Christianity

  • Young believers embrace message of stewardship
  • Dominion of service as modeled by Jesus

[34:27] How current conservative politics don’t reflect Christianity

  • ‘Nature of God revealed in things made’
  • Franklin Graham comments on immigration

[40:53] Bob’s take on voluntary carbon offsets

  • Step toward internalization of negative externalities
  • Havoc comes from lack of responsibility 
  • True cost in marketplace speed pace of innovation
  • Need government to step in as honest cop
  • Pave way for better tech, take away subsidies

[49:09] Bob’s insight on cap and trade vs. carbon tax

  • Voted against complicated Waxman-Markey 
  • For simple carbon tax (fee for ‘trash in sky’)
  • Need for consistency across US 

[53:46] How conservatives and progressives can collaborate

  • Polarization sure to pass (orthodoxies fluid)
  • Come together on climate action as model

[1:01:38] How the Green New Deal inspired conservative action

  • Enter competition of ideas, small government footprint
  • Bring America together to lead world to solution

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