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#26: Gregory Landua, CEO of Regen Network

May 29, 2018


What if we could develop a currency backed by the living health of ecosystems? A sort of ‘life currency’ with a robust verification system that would incentivize practices that promote ecological health? What if we could use technology to regain the capacity to understand the consequences of our day-to-day decisions and act for the health of planet Earth? And what would it take to build this infrastructure—a kind of Subway to Regeneration?

Gregory Landua is the Co-Founder and CEO of Regen Network, a community of actors working to create a balance sheet for Earth. By improving our understanding of ecosystems and enabling rewards for verified positive changes, the organization seeks to catalyze the regeneration of the earth’s ecosystems. Gregory also serves as the CEO of Terra Genesis International, a pioneer in the shift toward regenerative agriculture. An international regenerative design consultancy, TGI works to provide solutions that regenerate soil, increase biodiversity and improve the bottom line for farmers and ranchers. Gregory is the co-author of Regenerative Enterprise: Optimizing for Multi-Capital Abundance

Today, Gregory joins Ross, Christophe, and Paul to explain how a financial instrument can be backed by ecological health and the important role of decentralization in establishing a blockchain system we can trust. Gregory speaks to the aim of the Regen Network in helping humans regain the capacity to relate to landscapes in a regenerative way. He offers insight around the organization’s work in developing high-quality verification of ecological outcomes, facilitating interoperability between blockchains, and designing a consortium-based governance model. Listen in to understand how Regen Network is working to create additional revenue streams for farmers in the realms of quality data and carbon sequestration.


Regen Network

Terra Genesis International

Books by Elinor Ostrom

Land to Market


Cosmos Network


Key Takeaways 

[0:30] Gregory’s path to Regen Network

  • Distributed ledger technology and regenerative agriculture
  • What if currency backed by living health of ecosystem?
  • Evolved to focus on protocol to make ‘life currency’ possible

[5:36] How a financial instrument can be backed by ecological health

  • Can’t trade crypto for soil carbon, but can’t trade USD for gold either
  • Value of USD represents military control over scarce natural resources
  • Crypto revolution provides opportunity to create instruments of exchange with different rules, backed by different form of trust with incentives rooted in ecological health

[14:00] The role of decentralization in establishing trust

  • Centralized control leads to mass manipulation of big data for profit of few
  • Decentralization is key to trust, fundamental to restorative economy

[17:29] The definition of an Oracle in the blockchain context

  • Interface between real world and blockchain
  • Regenerative farm observatories create highly monitored, representative slice of land

[22:23] The aim of Regen Network

  • Humans have lost capacity to understand, relate to landscapes in regenerative way
  • Regen Network provides technological training wheels to regain that capacity, understand consequences of day-to-day decisions and act for health of planet Earth

[28:27] What Regen Network is working on now

  • High-quality, inexpensive, decentralized verification of ecological outcomes
  • Create planetary protocol to interoperate data sources, incentivize new ones

[30:04] Regen Network’s other partners beyond Nori

[34:20] What needs to be true to facilitate interoperability between blockchains

  • Either common standard or translation method (e.g.: Cosmos, Polkadot)
  • Regen Network developing common schema for data

[37:07] The Regen Network governance model

  • Invite stakeholders to govern through consortium
  • Opportunity to create theecological ledger, smart contracting framework

[44:22] Why farmers should care about Regen Network

  • Creates more value streams for farmers beyond cheap commodity produce
  • Compensation for data, carbon content AND increase quality, yield of crops
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