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A podcast about the different people, technologies, and organizations that are coming together to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and reverse climate change. We also talk about blockchains.
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#13 The Norigin Story with Ross, Christophe, and Paul

February 27, 2018


In the beginning… Paul and Christophe realized that the blockchain provides an ideal platform for a carbon marketplace where people can get paid to remove CO2 from the atmosphere—and ultimately succeed in reversing climate change. It took more than six days, but they eventually put together a team, developed a business plan, and Nori was born.

The bottom line is that we need to remove 1.5 trillion tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to get back to safe levels. The Nori team intends to make that happen by connecting people interested in paying for carbon offsets with people who are using any number of methods to remove carbon from the atmosphere. One Nori token purchases one ton of carbon removal credits (CRCs), and the company measures the removal of CO2 and records that information on the blockchain. Ultimately, Nori leverages the power of markets to pay individuals who are innovating in the area of carbon removal and treat the root cause of climate change—too much carbon in the atmosphere.

Today, Ross, Christophe and Paul are sharing the details of Nori’s role in reversing climate change, explaining the company’s principal aims, how Nori addresses the problems associated with current carbon removal markets, and how cryptocurrency figures into their plans.  They walk us through Nori’s core values and their current progress in developing the platform. Listen in for the Norigin story and learn how the team is preparing to launch in 2018.


Simon Sinek’s TED Talk

ASU Center for Negative Carbon Emissions

The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine by Michael Lewis


Key Takeaways

[0:50] Nori’s purpose

  • Build market mechanism that pays to remove CO2 from atmosphere

[1:17] Nori’s role in reversing climate change

  • Provide financing, incentives to facilitate large-scale carbon removal
  • Measure and verify CO2 removal, record on blockchain

[5:02] The cryptocurrency element of Nori’s plan

  • One Nori token purchases one ton of carbon removal credits
  • Represents universal price on carbon removal

[6:49] The problems that Nori addresses

  • Offsets sell for different prices
  • Issues of double-counting
  • Trust barrier
  • No-cost payment methodology

[9:09] Nori’s core values

  • Open-sourced methodology
  • Remove carbon AND maintain energy use, quality of life
  • Create mechanism to reduce emissions (no favorites)
  • Put price on carbon removal, leverage power of markets

[12:30] How Nori came about

  • Paul looking into climate change, started Carbon Removal Seattle
  • Reached out to ASU Center for Negative Carbon Emissions
  • Connected with Christophe, started Carbon Removal Society
  • Christophe started Carbon A List, met Paul at conference
  • Paul and Jaycen competed in Hackathon with Carbon Harvest
  • Christophe moved to Seattle, worked with Paul on idea
  • Entered month-long ConsenSys business planning competition
  • Won in energy and environment category, founded company
  • Hosting summit at end of April to demo prototype
  • Plans to launch platform and token together in 2018

[25:10] The important issues Nori is working on

  • Monetary economics to stabilize supply/demand
  • Auditing system to disincentivize cheating
  • Getting the word out (i.e.: eBook, podcast and whitepaper)

[27:39] Nori’s current progress

  • Developers creating platform, designing token
  • Redesign of website


Each week, Nori offers insights and shares success stories on how removing excess CO2 from the atmosphere is impacting our climate, and details on our marketplace progress and buildout for launch.

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