Join Nori's API Pilot

Apply to Nori's pilot for early access to the API for carbon removal

The day has finally come! Over the last couple of years, businesses of all shapes and sizes have signaled an interest in API for carbon removal. We have been busy focusing on building the foundation for this API by building a robust marketplace for carbon removal. Our work started with US Croplands projects, and we are now beginning the work of expanding access to automated purchasing of carbon removal services through an API.

What does API mean?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. APIs allow for different software services to communicate with each other.

About Nori’s Pilot

Nori invites organizations to apply to join it's pilot. We will be working with early adopters who are interested in getting on the ground-floor of testing and developing an API for carbon removal that business partners can use to offer their end customers direct options to pay for carbon removal.

We will be reviewing applications on a rolling basis, and adding participants throughout the development process of the API. Below is more information on:

  • What the API means for your business
  • What Nori is looking for in applicants
  • The application process
  • What it’s like to work with Nori
  • What the Pilot includes

What Does The API Do for Me and My Business?

With Nori’s end-to-end marketplace for carbon removal “offsets”, Nori can add a new automation layer that will allow any business or service provider to:

  • Offer your customers the ability to purchase carbon removal offsets automatically
  • Engage customers directly with your climate impact story
  • Provide complete transparency to customers on the projects they are supporting with publicly available certificates and project profile pages
  • Nori reserves the right to remove from pilot access to any participants that violate Nori’s values (see below, “What it’s like to work with Nori”)

You're the Right Fit for This Pilot If...

  • Your organization is looking to engage customers in climate action by directly offering your customers the ability to elect and purchase carbon removal offsets
  • You and your team are innovative early adopters who are willing to test something new, and with the understanding that what we build in the beginning won’t be a perfect solution, but that through this process we’ll build something better together
  • You and your team understand the lean startup process, and are willing to be active participants in providing feedback to Nori about the API, its MVP, and pilot process
  • You already have support from leadership to try something new like this
  • Your team can move quickly while also being flexible and patient with timelines
  • You and your team share Nori’s values (see below, What it’s like to work with Nori)
  • Your organization has demonstrated demand from customers for carbon removal services

What It’s Like to Work with Nori

Nori’s team is committed to five core values that drive our company culture, decision making process, and operational practices.

  • Honesty above all else. We value transparency in everything we do, from internal to external communications. We state things how they are, with radical candor (a style of communication that is both caring and direct). We will be honest of what we are capable of doing, what we are not capable of doing, and are understanding of the limitations and timing of priorities for our partners. And we expect the same in return.
  • Assume best intentions. We enjoy working together on a joint goal with internal and external partners. We agree to always assume the best intentions of another and ask clarifying questions to troubleshoot and define problems.
  • Limit work in progress. We continuously strive to limit the work in progress we have at any given times. We aim to do one or two things at a time. This means we will commit to deliver a set of developments that we believe are achievable and have the highest impact.
  • Act with the end with mind. Anything that we do must be aligned with our end goal: enabling global reversal of climate change and climate restoration.
  • Continuously improve. We endeavor to continuously improve across all aspects of our business, from marketplace design, to team collaborations and communications. Feedback and continuous learning are key aspects to this.

The Application Process

  1. Fill out the application. Apply here to join the pilot. Nori will consider applications on a rolling basis. We strongly encourage you to apply as soon as possible to be considered first.
  2. Application review. Nori will review applications and identify those that are a good fit for Nori’s API pilot.
  3. Screening Interview. If your application has been identified as a good fit for Nori’s API pilot, we will invite you and your team to do an interview. We’ll ask you more questions regarding your application to learn more about your needs and work style.
  4. Final selection of participants. Nori will review applications and select those that are the best fit to be early adopting partners in our pilot.
  5. Notify applicants of decision. We will notify all applicants on the decision made for their application and whether or not they will be placed in the pilot.

If You’re Not Selected

Developing any software solutions that scales is an interactive process. Thus, Nori will continue to review and save applications for potential participants, and will continue to invite more partners to participate and test new versions of the API. If the pilot has already begun, you can still apply to be considered in the next release.

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