Invest in the future of carbon removal

Don’t miss out on your chance to invest in the carbon removal revolution. Nori is seeking mission-aligned investors to join us as we build the marketplace for reversing climate change.

Our $1.3 million pre-seed round is currently: 111% subscribed.

Carbon removal is going to be a trillion dollar industry

Carbon offsets and removals are already a $200 billion market today. This is only going to grow as governments, corporations, and even individuals move to pay for dealing with their greenhouse gas emissions. And Nori is perfectly positioned to capture this growth through our platform.


Invest in the NORI token

In the future, Nori’s API will be plugged into different apps and government programs, so that every time someone emits a ton of CO2, a payment for removing one ton of CO2 will happen.

Each ton of CO2 removed costs one NORI token. And those tokens are going to have to be purchased from people who hold them. Invest early for potential returns when the price of carbon increases in the future.

This opportunity is open to accredited investors in the US and all investors internationally. The minimum investment size is $50,000.

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