Get Paid for Your Soil Carbon

Simplify the carbon market process by enrolling in Nori with Bushel Farm.

Join the 18+ farmers who have earned extra revenue for their soil carbon with Nori

With our current market price, you’ll receive $20 for each tonne of carbon stored in your soil. See what some of our farmers have earned for enrolling:

Adam and Levi Ullrich

💰 $218,760 Paid by Nori

🚜 4,673 Acres measured

✅ Switched to no tillage

MBS Family Farms (Kyle Mehmen)

💰 $38,143 Paid by Nori

🚜 1,500 Acres measured

✅ Adopted cover crops

Jeremy Muff

💰 $558,560 Paid by Nori

🚜 5,653 Acres measured

✅ Adopted cover crops

Not sure if your farm is eligible for Nori? Here are the requirements:

You’ve adopted regenerative ag practices within the last 10 years

Your fields are croplands located in the United States

You have quality farm management records

You can provide digital field boundaries for fields you want to enroll

The land doesn’t have Conservation Reserve Program in its historical land use since 2000

Our partnership with Bushel Farm makes it easier to get paid for your soil carbon.

To get started, fill out the Nori form in your FarmLogs account.

First, sign in to FarmLogs and confirm your records are complete. Select the fields with regenerative practices you want to enroll and submit the form. Once the form is submitted, someone from Nori will reach out to you with next steps.

We’re here to help you during the enrollment process. Reach out to [email protected] with any questions.

👋 Not a Farmlogs user? No problem — Bushel offers a free 30 day trial to all new users!

Nori protects farmers’ data privacy

At Nori we believe that a farmer's data is something they should have full control over.

When enrolling in Nori, we will only use farm data to run the carbon models we use to estimate how many carbon credits, or Nori Regenerative Tonnes, their farm could receive.

View Our Data Use Policy

Nori is an accessible entry into carbon markets for regenerative agriculture suppliers.

We’re a carbon removal marketplace, not an ag business - there are no other commitments outside of it. We don’t push any ag products, and we never own your data.

As a Nori supplier, you and and your partners are paid for 100% of your soil carbon. We take a cut from our buyers to keep our marketplace running.

We work directly with ag businesses and farmers to get them paid for their farms’ soil carbon.

These are just a few of our 18 Suppliers located across 10 states.

You'll get paid when your soil carbon sells in the Nori Marketplace

Questions about Supplying?

When you become a supplier, you’ll get a dedicated account manager to answer any questions along the way. Hear what one of our suppliers, Kelly Garrett, had to say about working with Nori.

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