Give the Gift of Carbon Removal!

It's a gift for your favorite person, and your favorite planet.

🎁 Did you know that you can gift carbon removal to loved ones? Just purchase carbon removal with the recipient's name on it, then print or email the certificate when you're ready to gift it.

🌿 Each purchase funds regenerative farmers who are removing carbon from the atmosphere and storing it in their soils.

🌎 We can reverse climate change if we remove enough CO2 from the atmosphere. Every tonne counts!

Gift Carbon Removals

The average American emits 16 tonnes a year. 1 Nori Regenerative Tonne represents one tonne of removed CO2 stored for a minimum of ten years.

Regenerative Tonnes

One Nori Regenerative Tonne represents approximately 1 tonne of Carbon Dioxide stored for 10+ years.

How much carbon should I remove?

Here are some quick third-party estimates to inform your purchase.

✈️ Travel: A round-trip flight from Los Angeles to NYC emits approximately 1 tonne of carbon dioxide.

🗓 Monthly: Each month, the average American emits approximately 1.33 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

🌱 Yearly: Each year, the average American emits approximately 16 tonnes of carbon.

What Nori Customers Are Saying

Sean Sall

"I chose Nori for a couple of reasons. Sequestering carbon in soils is a big opportunity to help reverse climate change, and with Nori helping to lead that effort it was an easy decision to buy from the marketplace. We as a larger community need to put our money towards helping new solutions scale, so that factored in as well.

The other big reason I chose Nori was because of the community that Nori has developed through their podcasts."

Janelle Santiago

"I believe that climate change is one of the most profound issues we need to address today. I understand that at this point in time, we not only need prevention but also healing and reversal of the volume of carbon we have introduced.

I chose Nori because my network exposed me to their business and has educated me on the concept of carbon removal and a marketplace for that mission to thrive in."

Eric Lawrence

"I chose Nori because I truly believe in your platform and what you are trying to accomplish. I know there are various ways to offset your carbon footprint and other methods to capture carbon, but I believe Nori's method is one of the most natural and sustainable ways to tackle this problem.

You are also sharing information and ideas through your podcast which inspires many young adults such as myself to figure out new methods to combat climate change."

Your Purchase Helps Our Growers Invest in Their Regenerative Agriculture Practices

Trey Hill

Harborview Farms
Maryland, USA | 14,010.6 Tonnes
We eliminated all tillage by 2016 and phased in cover crops on 100% of fields in 2015-2016 and more.

Kelly Garrett

Garrett Land and Cattle
Iowa, USA | 22,745 Tonnes
We eliminated all tillage in 2012, invested in new fertilizer equipment that resulted in a 10% decrease in nitrogen fertilizer use, and more.

Bruce Johnson

Double J Farms
Iowa, USA | 5,024 Tonnes
We’ve ridge tilled since the early 80’s, then switched to zone, vertical and no-till in 2013. In 2013, we introduced covercrops, organic manure and more.

Kyle Mehman

MBS Family Farms
Iowa, USA | 2,542.9 Tonnes
We’ve no-till planted since the early 90’s. In 2005, we invested in new fertilizer equipment, in 2013 we planted our first cover crops and more.

John Nergenah

John Nergenah
Illinois, USA | 1,255.6 Tonnes
In 2016 we went 100% cover crop and no-till planting. We also graze cattle on our corn stubble acres every year to increase crop residue recovery.

Adam and Levi Ullrich

Ullrich Family Farm
Iowa, USA | 14,584.2 Tonnes
We’ve no-till planted and applied swine manure to our land for many years. We’ve implemented cover crops, enrolled in the Conservation Reserve Program, and more.

We Pride Ourselves on Transparency and High Quality Carbon Removals

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