Emit less, remove the rest

Nori helps businesses soar above and beyond offsets by focusing exclusively on carbon removal. With the Nori marketplace, you can go carbon negative and reverse climate change.

Nori provides carbon removal you can trust.

Nori is a transparent marketplace for carbon removal that is third party verified, trackable, and guaranteed by Nori in case of leakage or invalidity.


You're more than your carbon footprint.

Studies show companies who invest and lead in Environmental, Social, and Governance improvements (ESGs) hire retain better talent and bring in 20% more revenue.

Time is running out for the climate, and your chance to be a Nori Founding Market Member.

You're a leader at your company. It's your job to innovate within the evolving climate priorities of your company. Carbon removal is the next frontier and the most promising. You can lead the way by becoming a Nori Founding Market Member. This is a limited time opportunity, and the price for joining and standing up a carbon removal marketplace is increasing soon.


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