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Want to Buy Carbon Removals for Your Business?

Carbon Removal Is the Only Way to Truly Negate or Reverse Carbon Emissions

So you want to offset your emissions? Great! Did you know that 95% of voluntary offsets are either reductions or avoidance offsets? Both options slow the rate of emissions, but do nothing to address the CO2 already in the atmosphere.

To achieve a livable climate future, we need to remove 1.5 trillion tons of CO2 from the atmosphere. Despite representing less than 5% of total offsets, realistically, carbon removal is the only way to truly negate or reverse carbon emissions.

Directly Buy Science-Backed, Peer Reviewed, Carbon Removal Credits

Current markets make it hard to know exactly when and how much carbon was removed, and how much it cost. Nori does things differently, with complete transparency and a blockchain backed carbon removal marketplace.

Carbon Removal

Our work begins and ends with carbon removal. We use independent 3rd party carbon quantification tools like Soil Metrics to estimate how much carbon is sequestered.

Transparency First

We believe in transparency: from methodology development to price discovery. We work in public and our methodologies are peer reviewed.

Scalable API

Nori's API will let you offer carbon removals to your customers on your websites and apps. They can directly purchase Nori Carbon Removal Tonnes (NRTs) to reverse the carbon footprint of products.

Nori Works Directly with Suppliers

Suppliers kickstart the process with activities that remove carbon from the atmosphere. They put their project data into Nori which then gets approved by a third-party verifier.

As part of our goal to globally scale carbon removal, Nori has developed its first methodology in regenerative agriculture. Why? Regenerative agriculture is cost-effective, it restores depleted cropland soils, and it has the potential to sequester 10 billion tons of carbon every year.

However, Nori isn’t stopping with regenerative agriculture. In the near future, Nori will expand to other reasonable and credible methodologies like blue carbon, direct air capture, and more!

Suppliers Receive Sellable Nori Carbon Removals. We Help You Reach Your Climate Goals

Nori uses the carbon quantification tool, Soil Metrics, to estimate the amount of carbon being stored in our Suppliers' soil. We then use this data to model a carbon baseline which is how Nori estimates the number of NRTs to generate so suppliers are paid fairly.

By licensing a carbon quantification tool like Soil Metrics, Nori avoids a conflict of interest when it comes to producing and assessing data.

Accuracy and Legality Matter. Nori Works with 3rd Party Verifiers to Ensure Three Things

The Project Data Is Correct

Verifiers ensure that the project data provided by the supplier (e.g. farmer) to Nori is reasonable and accurate.

The Supplier Can Legally List and Sell Carbon Credits

Verifiers ensure suppliers can legally list projects to generate revenue.

Carbon Removals Are Only Sold Once

To prevent carbon credit double counting, verifiers make sure projects are only listed in one carbon removal marketplace.

Nori Manages Carbon Removal NRT Certificate Creation, Sale, and Retirement

Nori sells NRTs, Nori Removal Tonnes, for physical additional carbon removal. Our carbon quantification partners estimate how much carbon was removed by a supplier based on their verified project data. Nori then takes that amount and puts NRTs up for sale in the marketplace.

For example, in our regenerative agriculture projects, NRTs are selling for $15/per NRT. That money goes directly to the parties supporting the carbon removal activities.

There Are a Few Ways To Buy Nori Carbon Removal (NRTs)

Nori aims to commodify carbon removal through transparent price discovery and consistent baselining. Additionally, our independent 3rd party tool Soil Metrics ensures consistent determination of NRTs across all projects.

<400 tonnes
For smaller purchases up to 400 NRTs, you can buy carbon removals right now on our website.

400 – 100,000 tonnes
For larger purchases (400 – 100,000 NRTs) that need invoices, contact us with what you want to buy.

100,000+ tonnes
For purchases over 100,000 NRTs, you can you can participate in a forward contract auction with suppliers for long-term commitments for projects that have yet to complete the enrollment practices, but offer greater scale and price discovery. Email [email protected] for more info.

Point of Sale Carbon Removal
You can integrate your service with Nori’s API to allow customers to pay for carbon removal at check-out. Learn More.

Want To Buy Carbon Removals for Your Business?

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