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Emit less, and remove the rest. With the Nori marketplace, you can go carbon negative and reverse climate change.

Here's what Nori can do for you.

Bring your customers into the climate journey.

Nori is the only offset provider that can provide a scalable solution for automatic payment and retirement of carbon removals that go directly to your end customer.

Provide carbon removal as a service.

You can integrate your service with Nori’s API to allow customers to pay for carbon removal at check-out. Schedule a call to learn more.

Build trust in your green initiatives.

Nori is a transparent marketplace for carbon removal that is third party verified, trackable, and guaranteed by Nori in case of leakage or invalidity.

Meet your carbon goals.

In order to achieve net-zero carbon, we have to emit less, remove the rest.

Go above and beyond. Go carbon-negative.

Go above and beyond the competition. Set your organization apart and lead in climate action by removing more carbon than you’ve emitted.

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