Nori Certificate of Carbon Removal

Purchased by

OpenAir Collective

For the removal of

3 Tonnes of CO2

This document certifies that on December 1, 2023, the buyer, OpenAir Collective, paid for the removal and storage of 3 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) . This purchase pairs together biological and geological carbon storage with overlapping timelines for impact that is both immediate and lasting.

In 2019, 3 tonnes of carbon dioxide were sequestered via regenerative agriculture. This carbon will be stored in the soil for at least 10 years.

By 2027, 3 tonnes will be removed and permanently stored via emerging, long-term solutions such as direct air capture, enhanced rock weathering, permanent biomass carbon removal and storage, as well as other pathways as they become offtake-ready.

Issued by

Matthew Trudeau

Matthew Trudeau

CEO, Nori Inc.

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Initial Storage

2019 - 2028

Nori Regenerative Tonnes™ fund regenerative farmers who sequester carbon dioxide and store it in the soil. These carbon removal credits represent carbon that has already been verifiably removed from the atmosphere. Suppliers commit to a ten-year contract for storing carbon, with re-verification every three years to ensure ongoing storage via continued regenerative practices.

Year Carbon Was Removed: 2019

Carbon Storage Period: 10+ years

Methodologies: Croplands Methodology

Location: United States

Croplands Methodology

The croplands methodology quantifies soil organic carbon sequestered through the use of NRCS-sanctioned regenerative agricultural practices like reduced or no-till, crop rotations, cover cropping and reduced synthetic fertilizer use. Soil organic carbon is modeled and verified by a third party.

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Permanent Storage

2027 - 3026

Nori is using the Stripe Climate API to procure permanent carbon removal for Nori Net Zero Tonnes™ via Frontier. Carbon removal tonnes procured via the Climate API will be delivered in the future and stored for 1,000+ years.

Year Carbon Will Be Removed By: 2027

Carbon Storage Period: 1000+ years

Methodologies: Direct air capture, enhanced rock weathering, and permanent storage of biomass

Location: Global

Frontier Climate

Frontier is an advance market commitment to buy an initial $1B+ of permanent carbon removal between 2022 and 2030. It was founded by Stripe, Alphabet, Shopify, Meta, McKinsey and tens of thousands of businesses using Stripe Climate.

Supplied by

Nan Ransohoff

Head of Frontier Climate

Diversified & Catalytic

This carbon removal tonne is part of a growing offtake portfolio managed by Frontier. The portfolio is comprised of a range of vetted, promising companies, including:

Charm Industrial


Charm Industrial transforms waste biomass into bio-oil and injects it underground for permanent storage.

Read project details



Heirloom uses limestone to remove CO₂ from the air.

Read project details

CarbonCapture Inc.


CarbonCapture uses a swappable sorbent cartridge to remove CO₂ from the air.

Read project details

Minimal Delivery Risk

Frontier minimizes delivery delays and failures by conducting rigorous diligence upfront,  monitoring progress, reallocating ordered tonnes across suppliers, and maintaining an inventory buffer.

In case of delivery delays, Frontier gives you the option of receiving a full refund or waiting for the tonnes to be delivered. In case of delivery failure, Frontier will provide a full refund.

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Thank you

By purchasing Nori Net Zero Tonnes, you are funding regenerative and permanent carbon removal — driving positive climate impact that’s both immediate and lasting.

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