Nori offers an easy way for anyone, whether you are representing a business, an organization, or yourself, to negate your carbon footprint by purchasing verified carbon removal certificates.



Nori uses blockchain technology to eliminate double counting of CO2 credits that occur routinely with other carbon offset markets.

How It Works

Once the Nori platform has launched, buyers will be able to purchase carbon removal certificates (CRCs) from the available supply. Each CRC costs 1 NORI token.

  1. 1Sign Up

    Create a Nori account so that CRCs are assigned to your organization or name.

  2. 2Choose How Many CRCs

    Select the number of carbon removal certificates you want to purchase and add them to your cart.

  3. 3Pay for CRCs

    Send NORI tokens to the payment address, and the CRCs are immediately transferred to your ownership and then retired.

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